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Nutrition & Healthy Living

Nutrition & Healthy Living

Wellness & Weight Loss Program

   We are really excited about our new FirstLine Therapy Wellness program.  This program is designed to attack the underlying causes of many common health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or being overweight. This doctor monitored program uses an easy-to-follow, low-glycemic-load food plan – not a difficult diet based on will power and starving yourself. We have a certified Life Style Educator that works with each patient individualizing the program to their needs and desires, tracking their progress, giving support, and ensuring overall success.  If you would like to see better lab results, possibly eliminating some of your medicines, or lose fat and not muscle – then ask if this program is right for you.

Metagenics (Nutritional & Supplemental Products)

   We have teamed up with Metagenics to provide our patients with an additional resource in meeting their nutritional and supplemental needs. Metagenics has been around for more than 25 years and has helped people improve their health and reverse chronic illness via quality products and services. Click on the Metagenics link to see all the amazing products they have to offer. They have a wide array of products that help with anything from Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Medical Foods, Essential Fatty Acids, Immune Health, Blood Sugar Support, Joint Health, Stress Management, Body Composition and much much more.  We currently have Metagenics health bars, medical food, probiotics, and fish oil supplements in the office; however, you can also order online and get them sent directly to your house.

Go to gatewayfamilymed.metagenics.com to purchase products.  This will allow you to get our special pricing.

FirstLine Therapy Wellness Program

   Would you like to have more energy, be thinner, have more sex drive, be stronger, think more clearly, sleep better, or lower your cravings for sweets?  Many of our patients have achieved these things and more with our FirstLine Therapy Wellness program.  It is a cost-effective program that helps you achieve your health goals – don’t wait – ask about our FirstLine Therapy Wellness Program today and become the person you know you can be!

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